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Many young Hungarian economists have completed their PhDs at prestigious universities abroad. Few have become, however, an active member of the Hungarian scientific community. Institute of Economics of HAS organises the Summer workshop for bringing together young Hungarian researchers from all over the world.
We organize Summer Workshops annually since 2001. We invite final year PhD students and post-docs to present their new results. Topics cover all areas of economic research. Work in progress is also accepted for the workshop, if sufficient progress has been accomplished. Papers are presented either in English or in Hungarian; each presentation is commented by a discussant.

List of PhD Students (1989-)

Program of the 2001-2022 Summer Workshops

Organizer: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)



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18 August 2022, Thursday

Chair: Dániel Horn (IE)

10:20  -  10:30  Opening
10:30  -  11:30    Attila Gyetvai (Bank of Portugal) and M. Zhu: Coworker Networks and the Role of Occupations in Job Finding
Discussant: Balázs Lengyel (IE)
11:45  -  12:45   Péter Vida (Cergy Paris Université) and A. Ispano: Designing Interrogations
Discussant: Péter Eső (Oxford)

Chair: Anna Adamecz (IE)

14:30  -  15:30  Barna Szabó (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and J. Cenzon: Household Financial Decisions and Inflation Experiences in the Euro Area
Discussant: Zsuzsa R. Huszár (Singapore)
15:45  -  16:45  Szabolcs Blazsek (Universidad Francisco Marroquín), A. Ayala and A. Escribano: Anticipating Extreme Losses Using Score-Driven Shape Filters
Discussant: Róbert Lieli (CEU)
17  -  18    Zoltán Novotny-Farkas (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien): Historical Cost vs. Fair Value Accounting: Impairment Choice and Trading Incentives
Discussant: Dániel Havran (Corvinus)





25 August 2021, Wednesday

14  -  15  Zsuzsa R. Huszár (Singapore) R.S.K. Tan, W. Wen, and X. Zhao: Is it smart trading on social media and attention? Return predictability in popular Chinese industries during the pandemic
Discussant: Edina Berlinger (Corvinus)
15:05  -  16:05  Ferenc Horváth (Hong Kong): Arbitrage-Based Recovery
Discussant: Zsolt Bihary (Corvinus)
16:20  -  17:20  Tamás Vadász (KU Leuven): To Cut or Not to Cut: a Model of Bank Dividend Restrictions
Discussant: Péter Kondor (CEU and LSE)
17:25  -  18:25  Szabolcs Blazsek (Universidad Francisco Marroquín), A. Escribano and A. Licht: Score-driven ABC(D) of dynamic stochastic general equilibrium
Discussant: Zoltán Jakab (IMF)

26 August 2021, Thursday

14  -  15    András Jagadits (Universitat Pompeu Fabra): Emigration and local structural change: Evidence from (Austria)-Hungary in the age of mass migration
Discussant: Ágnes Hárs (Kopint-Tárki)
15:15  -  16:15   Dávid Krisztián Nagy (CREi), S. Heblich, A. Trew and Y. Zylberberg: The Death and Life of Great British Cities
Discussant: Miklós Koren (CEU and IE)
16:30  -  17:30  Dániel Prinz (IFS), Anikó Bíró, R. Branyiczki, Attila Lindner and Lili Márk: The Impact of Payroll Tax Subsidies: Theory and Evidence
Discussant: János Köllő (IE)
17:45  -  18:45    Attila Lindner (University College London and IE), D. Cengiz, A. Dube and D. Zentler-Munro: Seeing Beyond the Trees: Using Machine Learning to Estimate the Impact of Minimum Wages on Labor Market
Discussant: János Vincze (Corvinus and IE)






3 August 2020, Monday

13:50  -  14  Opening
14  -  15  Zsuzsa R. Huszár (Singapore), T. X. Duong snd R. S. K. Tan: The Role of Market Infrastructure in Price Discovery: Short Sellers’s Perspective
Discussant: Dániel Havran (Corvinus)
15:15  -  16:15  Gábor Neszveda (Corvinus): Attractiveness to optimists and stocks as lotteries in the cross-section of expected stock returns
Discussant: Zsuzsa R. Huszár (Singapore)
16:30  -  17:30  Tamás Vadász (Warwick) and J. Thanassoulis: Personal Current Account and Overdraft Pricing in Retail Banking
Discussant: Edina Berlinger (Corvinus)
17:45  -  18:45  József Molnár, K. P. Huynh, O. Shcherbakov and Q. Yu: Demand for Payment Services and Consumer Welfare: The Introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency
Discussant: Tamás Briglevics (MNB)

4 August 2020, Tuesday

14  -  15    László Tétényi (NYU): Trade, Misallocation, and Capital Market Integration
Discussant: István Kónya (IE)
15:15  -  16:15   Zsuzsa Munkácsi (IMF) and D. Baksa: More Gray, More Volatile? Aging and (Optimal) Monetary Policy
Discussant: Lóránt Kaszab (MNB)
16:30  -  17:30  Bence Bardóczy (Northwestern), A. Auclert and M. Rognlie MPCs, MPEs and Multipliers: A Trilemma for New Keynesian Models
Discussant: Krisztina Molnár (Norwegian School)

5 August 2020, Wednesday

14  -  15    Sándor Sóvágó (Groningen), M. de Haan, P. Gautier, H. Oosterbeek anf B. v.d. Klaauw: Measuring students’ cardinal preferences for schools
Discussant: Zoltán Hermann (IE)
15:15  -  16:15   Dániel Prinz (Harvard) and B. Ravesteijn: Employer Responsibility in Disability Insurance: Evidence from the Netherlands
Discussant: Judit Krekó (IE)
16:30  -  17:30    Attila Gyetvai (Duke): Job Mobility Within and Across Occupations
Discussant: Attila Lindner (UC London and IE)






22 August 2019, Thursday

Chair: János Vincze (Corvinus and IEHAS)

9:10  -  9:15 Opening
9:15  -  10:15 Hedvig Horváth (UC London), J. Anders, A. Bryson and B. Nasim: The Effects of Pay Decentralisation on Teachers' Pay and Teacher Retention
Discussant: Dániel Horn (IEHAS)
10:30  -  11:30  Anna Adamecz-Völgyi (UC London), N. Shure and M. Henderson: The labour market returns of first in family graduates
Discussant: Márton Csillag (Budapest Institute)
11:45  -  12:45 Zsombor Méder (Singapore UTD), J. Flesch, R. Peeters and Y. Sarafidis: Intertemporal price discrimination with time-inconsistent consumers
Discussant: János Vincze (Corvinus and IEHAS)

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

14:15  -  15:15  Domonkos Vámossy (U. Pittsburgh) and J. LaVoice: Racial Disparities in Debt Collection
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)
15:30  -  16:30  Péter Bayer (U Grenoble) and Gy. Kozics: Best-Response Dynamics in Directed Network Games
Discussant: Péter Csóka (Corvinus and IEHAS)
16:45  -  17:45 Zoltán Novotny-Farkas (WU Wien), I. Goncharov and X. Wu: Disclosure Choice when Market-Wide Externalities Matter: Evidence from IFRS Adoptions by Central Banks
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)






9 August 2018, Thursday

Chair: Károly Fazekas (IEHAS)

9:55  -  10  Opening
10   -  11  Attila Lindner (UC London): Reallocation and the Minimum Wage - Evidence From Germany
Discussant: Anikó Bíró (IEHAS)
11:15  -  12:15  Domonkos Vámossy (Pittsburgh) and S. Albanesi: Predicting Consumer Default: A Deep Learning Approach
Discussant: Milán Badics (Corvinus)

Chair: István Kónya (IEHAS)

14:30  -  15:30  Dániel Prinz (Harvard), M. Geruso and T. J. Layton: Screening in contract design: Evidence from the ACA health insurance exchanges
Discussant: Gábor Virág (Toronto)
15:45  -  16:45  Péter Bayer (Maastricht), J-J. Herings, R. Peeters and F. Thuijsman: Myopic and Farsighted Players in the Local Public Goods Game
Discussant: László Kóczy (IEHAS)
17  -  18    Tamás Kiss (Gothenburg): Inference under time-varying expected returns
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

10 August 2018, Friday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

9:30  -  10:30    Sándor Sóvágó (Groningen), H. Oosterbeek and B. v.d. Klaauw: Identifying the sources of school segregation
Discussant: Zoltán Hermann (IEHAS)
10:45  -  11:45   Róbert Somogyi (Louvain) and A. Gautier: Prioritization vs zero-rating: Discrimination on the internet
Discussant: Norbert Maier (Copenhagen Economics)
12  -  13    Norbert Maier (Copenhagen Economics): Closeness of substitution for big data in merger control
Discussant: Gergely Csorba (IEHAS)






14 August 2017, Monday

Chair: Imre Fertő (IEHAS)

9:25  -  9:30  Opening
9:30  -  10:30  Sándor Sóvágó (Amsterdam) and R. Shorrer: Obvious Mistakes in a Strategically Simple College-Admissions Environment
Discussant: Dániel Horn (IEHAS)
10:45  -  11:45  Péter Bayer (Maastricht), J-J. Herings, R. Peeters and F. Thuijsman: Adaptive Learning in Weighted Network Games
Discussant: Péter Bíró (IEHAS and Corvinus)
12  -  13    Dániel Hörcher (I College London), D. J. Graham and R. J. Anderson: The economic inefficiency of travel passes under crowding externalities and endogenous capacity forthcoming in Journal of Transport Economics and Policy
Discussant: Dávid Nagy (CREI)

Chair: Péter Mihályi (Corvinus)

14:30  -  15:30  Dávid Nagy (CREI), K. Desmet, R. E. Kopp, M. Oppenheimer and E. Rossi-Hansberg: Evaluating the Economic Cost of Coastal Flooding
Discussant: Gábor Békés (IEHAS)
15:45  -  16:45  Zorka Simon (Mannheim) and Zsuzsa Huszár (NUS): The Liquidity and Welfare Implications of the Securities Lending Market for European Treasuries
Discussant: Edina Berlinger (Corvinus and IEHAS)
17  -  18    Péter Hudomiet (RAND), M. Hurd and S. Rohwedder: The Lifetime Risk of Dementia and the Distribution of Lifetime Out-of-pocket Medical Expenditures in the U.S.
Discussant: Péter Mihályi (Corvinus)

15 August 2017, Tuesday

Chair: Dániel Havran (Corvinus)

10  -  11    Tamás Barkó (Mannheim): Tangible and Intangible Fraud Outcomes
Discussant: Gábor Neszveda (Tilburg)
11:15  -  12:15   Bálint Horváth (Bristol): Foreign banks and International Transmission of Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Syndicated Loan Market
Discussant: Dániel Havran (Corvinus)

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

13:45  -  14:45    Noémi Péter (Groningen), T. Buser and S. Wolter: Gender, competitiveness and career choices along the whole ability distribution
Discussant: Anna Adamecz (Budapest Institute)
15  -  16    László Tétényi (NYU): Regional Stabilization through Factor Mobility
Discussant: Márta Bisztray (IEHAS)
16:15  -  17:15   Tamás Kiss (Gothenburg): Vanishing Predictability and Non-Stationary Regressors
Discussant: Róbert Lieli (CEU)

16 August 2017, Wednesday

Chair: János Vincze (Corvinus and IEHAS)

10  -  11    Gábor Simonovits (NYU): The institutional sources of policy bias
Discussant: Attila Lindner (U College London)
11:15  -  12:15   Attila Lindner (U College London), D. Cengiz, A. Dube and B. Zipperer: The effect of minimum wages on the total number of jobs: Evidence from the United States using a bunching estimator
Discussant: János Vincze (Corvinus and IEHAS)

Chair: Péter Csóka (Corvinus and IEHAS)

13:45  -  14:45    Tamás Vadász (Warwick) - K. Ma: Bank Signalling, Risk of Runs, and the Informational Impacts of Financial Regulations
Discussant: Ádám Zawadowski (CEU)
15  -  16    Csaba G. Pogonyi (I College London) and D. J. Graham: Firms, agglomeration and congestion - comparing the impacts of different measures of accessibility on productivity
Discussant: Balázs Lengyel (IEHAS)
16:15  -  17:15   Péter Füleky (Hawaii), L. Ventura and Q. Zhao: Common Correlated Effects and International Risk Sharing
Discussant: Péter Csóka (Corvinus and IEHAS)






11 August 2016, Thursday

Chair: Júlia Király (IBS and IEHAS)

9:25  -  9:30  Opening
9:30  -  10:30  Zorka Simon (Mannheim): Much ado about nothing: A study of differential pricing and liquidity of short and long term bonds
Discussant: Dániel Havran (IEHAS)
10:45  -  11:45  Norbert Czinkán (Alicante): Firm-Level Fluctuations and the Density of Economic Activity: Evidence from Hungary
Discussant: Balázs Muraközy (IEHAS)
12  -  13    Ádám Telek (Alicante): Power Networks - A network approach of voting
Discussant: Balázs Sziklai (IEHAS and Corvinus)

Chair: Balázs Muraközy (IEHAS)

14:30  -  15:30  Zoltán Novotny-Farkas (Lancester) and G. Gebhardt: Comparability and predictive ability of loan loss provisions - The role of accounting regulation versus bank supervision
Discussant: Júlia Király (IBS and IEHAS)
15:45  -  16:45  Attila Lindner (U College London) and P. Harasztosi: Who Pays for the Minimum Wage?
Discussant: Anikó Bíró (Edinburgh)
17  -  18    Gábor Uhrin (Göttingen) and H. Herwartz: Monetary Policy Shocks, Sign Restrictions, and Asset Prices: A Novel Approach for Analyzing Sign Restricted Models
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

12 August 2016, Friday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

10  -  11    Hedvig Horváth (U College London): Teacher Peers at School: How Do Colleagues Affect Value-Added and Student Assignments?
Discussant: Zoltán Hermann (IEHAS)
11:15  -  12:15   Tímea Laura Molnár (U of British Columbia): Work, Play, or Both and Buy? - Parents' Differential Time and Resource Investments in their Children
Discussants: Gábor Kézdi (CEU and IEHAS) and Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

Chair: Álmos Telegdy (MNB)

13:45  -  14:45    Anna Zseleva (Maastricht), J. Flesch and D. Vermeulen: Catch Games: The impact of modeling decisions
Discussant: Endre Csóka (MTA RAMK)
15  -  16    András Niedermayer (Mannheim), A. Shneyerov and P. Xu: Foreclosure Auctions
Discussant: Péter Csóka (IEHAS and Corvinus)
16:15  -  17:15   András Danis (Georgia Institute of Technology), S. Chava and A. Hsu: Labor Constraints and the Impact on Firm Investment: Evidence from Right-to-Work Laws
Discussant: Álmos Telegdy (MNB)






12 August 2015, Wednesday

Chair: János Vincze (Corvinus and IEHAS)

9:50  -  10    Opening
10  -  11    Judit Temesváry (Hamilton) and Ádám Banai: The Drivers of Foreign Bank Lending in Central and Eastern Europe: The Roles of Parent, Subsidiary and Host Market Traits
Discussant: Tamás Tóth (MNB)
11:15  -  12:15  Dávid Szabó (Manchester): American option pricing in electricity markets
Discussant: Tamás Nagy (MSCI)

Chair: Péter Cziráki (Toronto)

14  -  15    Zsuzsa Huszár (National U of Singapore), R. S. K. Tan and W. Zhang: Industry Concentration of Short Sellers: Cash Flow or Distress News?; Appendix
Discussant: Júlia Király (IBS)
15:15  -  16:15  Zorka Simon (Mannheim): Not risk free: The relative pricing of euro area inflation-indexed and nominal bonds
Discussant: Veronika Kerpely Pool (Indiana U)
16:30  -  17:30  Tamás Barkó (Tilburg): Engagements for Corporate Social Responsibility
Discussant: Péter Cziráki (Toronto)

13 August 2015, Thursday

Chair: Andás Simonovits (IEHAS)

10  -  11    Veronika Kerpely Pool (Indiana U), N. Stoffman, S. E. Yonker and H. Zhang: Do Shocks to Personal Wealth Affect Risk Taking in Delegated Portfolios?
Discussant: András Fülöp (ESSEC)
11:15  -  12:15   Péter Cziráki (Toronto), C. Laux and Gy, Lóránth: Bank Payout Policy, Performance, and Insider Trading in the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009
Discussant: Judit Temesváry (Hamilton)

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

13:45  -  14:45    Judit Temesváry (Hamilton), S. Ongena and A. L. Owen: A Global Lending Channel Unplugged?
Discussant: Zsuzsa Huszár (National U of Singapore)
15  -  16    László Sándor (Harvard): The Welfare Effects of Disability Insurance Receipt - Evidence from Swedish Examiner Variation
Discussant: Andás Simonovits (IEHAS)
16:15  -  17:15   Gábor Neszveda (Tilburg): Suspicion Theory
Discussant: Hubert János Kiss (IEHAS and ELTE)






14 August 2014, Thursday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

8:50  -  9    Opening
9  -  10    Zsuzsa Munkácsi (EUI): Family firms, fiscal policy and unemployment
Discussant: Tamás Briglevics (Boston and MNB)
10:15  -  11:15  Péter Cziráki (Toronto), E. Lyandres and R. Michaely: What do insiders know? Evidence from insider trading around repurchases and SEOs
Discussant:Péter Csóka (Corvinus)
11:30  -  12:30  Norbert Metiu (Bundesbank), M. Grill and B. Hilberg: Financial frictions and global spillovers
Discussant: Henrik Kucsera (MNB)

Chair: Aladár Madarász (IEHAS)

14  -  15    Judit Temesváry (Hamilton) and A.L. Owen: What determines cross-border bank lending and risk taking? The effects of culture, geography, institutions, and information exchange
Discussant: Péter Kondor (CEU)
15:15  -  16:15  Gábor Simonovits (Stanford): Framing Bad Governance with Worse Governance: Evidence from Hungary's Goulash Communism
Discussant: Hubert János Kiss (IEHAS and ELTE)
16:30  -  17:30  Réka Juhász (LSE): Trade and Development: Evidence from the Napoleonic Blockade
Discussant: Balázs Muraközy (IEHAS)

15 August 2014, Friday

Chair: Péter Eső (Oxford)

10  -  11    Zsombor Méder (Maastricht), J. Flesch and R. Peeters: Naiveté and sophistication in games
Discussant: Miklós Pintér (Corvinus)
11:15  -  12:15   Endre Csóka (Warwick): Efficient Teamwork
Discussant: Péter Eső (Oxford)

Chair: Júlia Király (IBS)

13:45  -  14:45    Tamás Briglevics (Boston) and S. Schuh: This Is What's in Your Wallet...and How You Use It
Discussant:Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)
15  -  16    Ibolya Schindele (MNB), S. Ongena and Dzs. Vonnák: In Lands of Foreign Currency Credit, Bank Lending Channels Run Through?
Discussant: Judit Temesváry (Hamilton)
16:15  -  17:15   Zoltán Novotny-Farkas (Lancaster) and J. Chircop: The economic consequences of including fair value adjustments to shareholders’ equity in regulatory capital calculations
Discussant: Júlia Király (IBS)






15 August 2013, Thursday

Chair: László Halpern (IEHAS)

9:55  -  10    Opening
10  -  11    Péter Cziráki (Toronto) and Moqi Xu: CEO Horizon and Equity Ownership
Discussant:Ibolya Schindele (MNB)
11:15  -  12:15   Judit Temesváry (Hamilton): Explaining the Differences between Local Currency versus FX-denominated Loans and Deposits in the Central-Eastern European Economies
Discussant: Ádám Banai (MNB)

Chair: Gábor Kézdi (CEU and IEHAS)

13:45  -  14:45    András Danis (Georgia Institute of Technology): Do Empty Creditors Matter? Evidence from Distressed Exchange Offers
Discussant: Péter Cziráki (Toronto)
15  -  16   Gábor Simonovits (Stanford) and G. Kézdi: The sorting into ethnic identities: Social status and Roma identification in Hungary
Discussant: Béla Janky (Institute of Sociology, HAS)
16:15  -  17:15   Gábor Uhrin (Toulouse): Fast and Reliable Bootstrapping of Consistent Specification Tests
Discussant: Róbert Lieli (CEU and MNB)

16 August 2013, Friday

Chair: Gábor Békés (IEHAS)

10  -  11    Zsombor Méder (Maastricht), J. Flesch and P. Ronald: Naiveté and sophistication in dynamic inconsistency
Discussant: Attila Tasnádi (Corvinus)
11:15  -  12:15   Ákos Láda (Harvard): Clash of Brothers, part 1 and part 2
Discussant: Ádám Szeidl (CEU)

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

14  -  15    Réka Juhász (LSE): The Interaction Between Trade and Growth: Latecomer Industrialisation: the French cotton industry during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1793-1815)
Discussant: Gábor Békés (IEHAS)
15:15  -  16:15   Róbert Somogyi (École Polytechnique): Bertrand-Edgeworth competition with substantial product differentiation
Discussant: András Simonovits (IEHAS)





21 August 2012, Tuesday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

9:55  -  10    Opening
10  -  11    Ádám Faragó (Stockholm School of Economics) and R. Tédongap: Option Pricing in the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
Discussant: András Fülöp (ESSEC)
11:15  -  12:15   Péter Szilágyi (University of Cambridge) and C. W. Wong: The Board of Directors in Hedge Fund Governance
Discussant: Ibolya Schindele (MNB)

Chair: János Vincze (Corvinus and IEHAS)

14  -  15    Réka Felleg (Maastrichti Egyetem), F. Moers and A. Renders: Investor Reaction to Higher Earnings Management Incentives of Overoptimistic CEOs
Discussant: Péter Szilágyi (Cambridge)
15:15  -  16:15   Judit Temesváry (Hamilton College) and A.L. Owen: Foreign Lending, Local Lending, and Economic Growth
Discussant: László Halpern (IEHAS)

22 August 2012, Wednesday

Chair: Balázs Muraközy (IEHAS)

9:30  -  10:30    Noémi Péter (University of Amsterdam), P. Lundborg, D. Webbink and N. Martin: The effect of sibling sex composition on education and family formation
Discussant: Zsombor Cseres-Gergely (IEHAS)
10:45  -  11:45    Gábor Virág (University of Toronto), S. Lauermann and W. Merzyn: Learning and price discovery in a search model
Discussant: Ádám Szeidl (CEU)
12  -  13    Bálint Horváth (Tilburg University) and W. Wagner: The Disturbing Interaction Between Countercyclical Capital Requirements and Systemic Risk
Discussant: Péter Kondor (CEU)





22 August 2011, Monday

Chair: László Halpern (IEHAS)

9:50  -  10    Opening
10  -  11    Sarolta Laczó (UCLA): Living Arrangements and Labour Supply: Evidence from the United Kingdom
Discussant: György Molnár (IEHAS)
11:15  -  12:15   Szabolcs Sebrek (Navarra University), A. Fosfuri and M. Giarratana: Resource Partitioning and Strategies in the Market for Technology
Discussant: László Halpern (IEHAS)

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

14  -  15    Melinda Vigh (Amsterdam): Shocks or Measurement Error? Evidence from asset accumulation in Ethiopia
Discussant: Sarolta Laczó (UCLA)
15:15  -  16:15   Ádám Galambos (Lawrence University): The Complexity of Nash Rationalizability
Discussant: Péter Bíró (IEHAS)
16:30  -  17:30   Anna Iara (European Commission) and G.B. Wolff: Rules and risk in the euro area
Discussant: Péter Benczúr (MNB)

23 August 2011, Tuesday

Chair: Gábor Kézdi (CEU and IEHAS)

10  -  11    Róbert Somogyi (Paris School of Economics) and J. Vincze: Price Rigidity and Strategic Uncertainty: An Agent-based Approach
Discussant: Attila Rátfai (CEU)
11:15  -  12:15    Noémi Péter (University of Amsterdam) and T. Buser: Multitasking: productivity effects and gender differences
Discussant: Gábor Kézdi (CEU and IEHAS)

Chair: János Vincze (Corvinus and IEHAS)

14  -  15    Péter Cziráki (Tilburg University): Trading by Bank Insiders before and during the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis
Discussant: Péter Kondor (CEU)
Published in: Journal of Financial Intermediation, Vol. 33, January 2018, pp. 58-82.
15:15  -  16:15   Ádám Zawadowski (Boston University) and M. Oehmke: Positioning in the CDS Market: Evidence from the DTCC Data
Discussant: János Vincze (Corvinus and IEHAS)





2 August 2010, Monday

Chair: Károly Fazekas (IE)

9:50  -  10    Opening
10  -  11    Árpád Ábrahám (European University Inst.), S. Koehne and N. Pavoni: Optimal Income Taxation with Asset Accumulation
Discussant: Ádám Szeidl (Berkeley)
11:15  -  12:15   Vígh Melinda (Amsterdam), C. Elbers and J. W. Gunning: Investment under Risk with Discrete and Continuous Assets: Solution and Estimation
Discussant: Sarolta Laczó (European University Inst.)

Chair: Aladár Madarász (IE)

14  -  15    Gyuri Venter (LSE): Coordination and real investments under short-sale constraints
Discussant: Péter Kondor (CEU)
15:15  -  16:15   Vida Péter (Bécs) - H. Azacis: Collusive Communication Schemes in a First-Price Auction
Discussant: Gergely Csorba (IE and Competition Authority)
16:30  -  17:30   Gergely Újhelyi (Houston) and E. Calvo: Political Screening: Theory and Evidence from the Argentine Public Sector
Discussant: Balázs Váradi (ELTE and BSZEI)

3 August 2010, Tuesday

Chair: András Simonovits (IE)

10  -  11    Balázs Kovács (Lugano): Similarity-based Decision Models
Discussant: Péter Vida (Vienna)
11:15  -  12:15    Gábor Pintér (Cambridge): Labour Market Frictions and Heterogeneous Expectations
Discussant: István Kónya (MNB)

Chair: Miklós Koren (CEU and IE)

14  -  15    Gergely Horváth (Alicante): Occupational mismatch and social networks
Discussant: Tamás Bartus (Corvinus)
15:15  -  16:15   Anna Lovász (MTA KTI) and M. Rigó: The Evolution of Productivity-Wage Gaps Following the Transition in Hungary - Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data
Discussant: János Köllő (IE)

4 August 2010, Wednesday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

9:30  -  10:30    Noémi Kreif (London): Statistical methods under exogeneity in economic evaluation of health care programs: a Monte Carlo simulation experiment
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)
10:45  -  11:45    Szabolcs Blazsek (Navarra) and A. Escribano: Innovations and Market Value of Firms: Differential Effects of Leaders and Followers
Discussant: Miklós Koren (CEU and IE)
12  -  13    Roland Straub (ECB) and M. Fratzscher: Asset Prices, News Shocks and the Current Account
Discussant: Zoltán Jakab (Budget Office)




17 August 2009, Monday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

9:50  -  10    Opening
10  -  11    Gergely Horváth (Alicante), Jaromír Kovárík and Friederike Mengel: Reputation, Optimal Memory and the Evolution of Cooperation in Social Networks
Discussant: Péter Vida (Vienna)
11:15  -  12:15   Péter Cziráki (Tilburg), Peter de Goeij and Luc Renneboog: Insider Trading, Option Exercises and Private Benefits of Control
Discussant: Péter Kondor (CEU)
Published as: Cziraki, de Goeij and Renneboog: Corporate Governance Rules and Insider Trading Profits; Review of Finance (2014) 18 (1): 67-108

Chair: Norbert Maier (London Economics)

14  -  15    György Venter (LSE) and Sitikantha Parida: Financially constrained strategic trading and endogenous predation in illiquid markets
Discussant: Péter Cziráki (Tilburg)
15:15  -  16:15   Sarolta Laczó (Gremaq, Toulouse): Limits to Risk Sharing in Village Economies
Discussant: Gábor Kézdi (CEU and IE)

18 August 2009, Tuesday

Chair: János Vincze (Corvinus and IE)

10  -  11    Zsófia Bárány (LSE): A Political Economy Model of Tax Evasion
Discussant: Péter Benczúr (MNB)
11:15  -  12:15    Miklós Koren (CEU and IE) and Márton Csillag: Machines and machinists: The effect of imported capital on wage inequality
Discussant: Álmos Telegdy (IE)

Chair: Aladár Madarász (IE)

14  -  15    Zoltán Wolf (Amsterdam) and Eric J. Bartelsman: Forecasting aggregate productivity using information from firm-level data
Discussant: Miklós Koren (CEU and IE)
15:15  -  16:15   Áron Kiss (Freie Universität Berlin): Party attachment and political accountability
Discussant: Balázs Váradi (ELTE and BSZEI)




21 August 2008, Thursday

Chair: Károly Fazekas (IE)

9:50  -  10    Opening
10  -  11    Árpád Ábrahám (Rochester) and Nicola Pavoni: Principal-Agent Relationships with Hidden Borrowing and Lending: The First-Order Approach in Two Periods
Discussant: Ákos Valentinyi (MNB)
11:15  -  12:15   Anna Lovász (U of Washington): Competition and the Gender Wage Gap: New Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data in Hungary, 1986-2003
Discussant: János Köllő (IE)

Chair: László Halpern (IE)

13:45  -  14:45    Norbert Maier (London Economics) and Marco Ottaviani: Information Sharing in Common Agency: When is Transparency Good?
Discussant: Kristóf Madarász (Berkeley)
15  -  16    Sarolta Laczó (Gremaq, Toulouse): Riskiness, Risk Aversion, and Risk Sharing
Discussant: János Vincze (Corvinus and IE)
16:15  -  17:15    Miklós Koren (CEU) and Péter Karádi: A Spatial Explanation for the Balassa–Samuelson Effect
Discussant: Gábor Békés ( IE)

22 August 2008, Friday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

10  -  11    László Á. Kóczy (Budapest Tech): Strategic power indices: Quarrelling in coalitions
Discussant: Attila Tasnádi (Corvinus)
11:15  -  12:15    Péter Benczúr (MNB), Péter Bakos and Dóra Benedek: The Elasticity of Taxable Income: Estimates and Flat Tax Predictions using the Hungarian Tax Changes in 2005
Discussant: György Molnár (KTI)




22 August 2007, Wednesday

Chair: László Halpern (IE)

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Péter Kondor (Chicago) and Veronica Guerrieri: Emerging Markets and Financial Intermediaries
Discussant: Kristóf Madarász (Berkeley)
11  -  12    Péter Csóka (Maastricht), P. Jean-Jacques Herings and László Kóczy: Stable Allocations of Risk
Discussant: Balázs Szentes (Chicago)

Chair: András Simonovits (IE)

13:45  -  14:45    Krisztina Molnár (Bergen) and Zoltán Reppa: Learning in Survey Expectations of Inflation
Discussant: Beatrix Paál (Texas)
15  -  16    Szilvia Pápai (Concordia): Individual Stability in Hedonic Coalition Formation
Discussant: László Kóczy (Maastricht)
16:15  -  17:15    Kristóf Madarász (Berkeley): Information Projection: Model and Applications
Discussant: János Vincze (Corvinus and IE)

23 August 2007, Thursday

Chair: Aladár Madarász (IE)

10  -  11    Péter Karádi (New York) and Ádám Reiff: Asymmetries in Price Developments: Some Micro Data Evidence
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)
11:15  -  12:15    Judit Temesváry (Cornell): Signal Extraction and Hyperinflations with a Responsive Monetary Policy
Discussant: Krisztina Molnár (Bergen)

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

14  -  15    László Kóczy (Maastricht): A non-manipulable quality ranking of economics journals
Discussant: Ákos Valentinyi (Southampthon and IE)
15:15  -  16:15    Péter Vida (Viena Uni): From Communication Equilibria to Correlated Equilibria
Discussant: Gergely Csorba (IE and Competition Authority)




26 June 2006, Monday

Chair: László Halpern (IE)

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Maier, Norbert (LBS & London Economics):
Common Agency with Moral Hazard and Asymmetrically Informed Principals
Discussant: Gergely Csorba (IE)
11  -  12    Pál, Rozália (European University Viadrina), A. Ferrando and R. Kozhan:
Firms' growth and its dependence on internal finance -A euro area investigation
Discussant: Ádám Reiff (MNB)

Chair: János Gács (IE)

13:30  -  14:30    Straub, Roland (IMF) and G. Peersman:
Putting the New Keynesian Model to a Test
Discussant: Ákos Valentinyi (Southampthon and IE)
14:45  -  15:45    Égert, Balázs (Oesterreichische Nationalbank) and L. Komárek:
Foreign Exchange Interventions and Interest Rate Policy in the Czech Republic: Hand in Glove?
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)
Published as:
Egert, Balazs: Central bank interventions, communication and interest rate policy in emerging European economies; Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. 35(2), June 2007, pp. 387-413.
16  -  17    Virág, Gábor (Rochester):
Counteroffers, bidding costs and job creation
Discussant: Előd Takáts (Princeton)

27 June 2006, Tuesday

Chair: János Vincze (Corvinus and IE)

10  -  11    Iara, Anna (WIIW):
Skill diffusion by temporary migration? Returns to Western European working experience in the EU Accession countries
Discussant: János Köllő (IE)
11:15  -  12:15    Takáts, Előd (Princeton):
A Theory of "Crying Wolf": The Economics of Money Laundering Enforcement
Discussant: Péter Kondor (LSE)

Chair: János Köllő (IE)

14  -  15    Fülöp, András (Toronto):
Feedback Effects of Rating Downgrades
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)
15:15  -  16:15    Bodor, András (Georgetown), D.A. Robalino:
On the Financial Sustainability of Earnings Related Pension Schemes with "Pay-As-You-Go" Financing and the Role for Government Indexed Bonds
Discussant: Ágota Scharle (MoFin)

28 June 2006, Wednesday

Chair: Ákos Valentinyi (Southampthon and IE)

10  -  11    Kondor, Péter (LSE):
Career Concerns and Dynamic Arbitrage
Discussant: Ádám Szeidl (Berkeley)
11:15  -  12:15    Benczúr, Péter (MNB) and I. Kónya:
Nominal growth of a small open economy
Discussant: Miklós Koren (FED-NY)

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

14  -  15    Csóka, Péter (Maastricht), J.-J. Herings and L. Kóczy:
Coherent Measures of Risk from a General Equilibrium Perspective
Discussant: Péter Medvegyev (Corvinus)
15:15  -  16:15    Koren, Miklós (FED-NY):
"Begin at the Beginning": Initial Conditions Matter for the Size Distribution of Firms
Discussant: János Vincze (Corvinus and IE)



Benczúr Péter (MNB)


27 June 2005, Monday

Chair: Károly Fazekas (IE)

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Péter Vida (UA Barcelona):
A Detail-free Mediator
Discussant: Gergely Csorba (CEU)
11  -  12    Krisztina Molnár (Pompeu Fabra) and Sergio Santoro:
Optimal Monetary Policy When Agents Are Learning
Discussant: Ákos Valentinyi (Southampton and IE)

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

13:40  -  14:40    Balázs Égert (Oesterreichische Nationalbank), Jesús Crespo-Cuaresma and Ronald MacDonald:
Non-Linear Exchange Rate Dynamics in Target Zones: A Bumpy Road Towards A Honeymoon
Discussant: Zsolt Darvas (Corvinus)
14:40  -  15:40    Gábor Virág (Rochester):
Wage Inequality in a Burdett-Mortensen World
Discussant: Árpád Ábrahám (Rochester)
16  -  17    Dóra Kádár (Siena):
Do acquirers only break even?
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)

28 June 2005, Tuesday

Chair: Aladár Madarász (IE)

10  -  11    Attila Ambrus (Harvard):
Theories of coalitional rationality
Discussant: László Kóczy (U Maastricht)
11  -  12    Róbert Lieli (Texas) and Graham Elliott:
Predicting Binary Outcomes
Discussant: Gábor Kézdi (CEU and IE)

Chair: László Halpern (IE)

13:40  -  14:40    András Fülöp (University of Toronto) and Jin-Chuan Duan:
Estimating the Structural Credit Risk Model When Equity Prices Are Contaminated by Trading Noises
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)
14:40  -  15:40    Árpád Ábrahám (Rochester) and Eva Carceles-Poveda:
Endogenous Trading Constraints with Incomplete Asset Markets
Discussant: István Kónya (MNB)
16  -  17    Viktória Kocsis (Amsterdam):
Network Asymmetries and Access Pricing in Cellular Telecommunications
Discussant: András Simonovits (IE)

29 June 2005, Wednesday

Chair: András Simonovits (IE)

10  -  11    Szabolcs Lőrincz (University of Toulouse):
Persistence Effects in a Dynamic Discrete Choice Model
Discussant Róbert Lieli (Texas)
11  -  12    László Kóczy (U Maastricht):
The Core Can Be Accessed with a Bounded Number of Blocks
Discussant: Ádám Szeidl (Berkeley)

Chair: Jenő Koltay (IE)

13:40  -  14:40    Kristóf Madarász (Berkeley):
Disclosure of Conflict of Interest
Hozzászóló: Attila Ambrus (Harvard)
14:40  -  15:40    István Kónya (MNB): Economic Development, Exchange Rates, and the Structure of Trade
Hozzászóló: Miklós Koren (Harvard and IE)
16  -  17    Miklós Koren (Harvard and IE), László Halpern and Ádám Szeidl:
The Microeconomics of Technology Spillovers: Theory and Evidence from Hungarian Product-Level Data
Discussant: Péter Benczúr (MNB)




29 June 2004, Tuesday

Chair: Jenõ Koltay (IE)

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Norbert Maier (LBS):
Explaining Corruption: An Incentive-Based Approach
Discussant: Imre Csekõ (BUES)
11  -  12    Kata Bognár (U Michigan) and Lones Smith:
We Can’t Argue Forever
Discussant: Péter Kondor (LSE)

Chair: János Vincze (IE) and (BUES)

13:40  -  14:40    Miklós Koren (Harvard and IE):
The Law of Two Prices: Trade Costs and Relative Price Variability
Discussant: Attila Rátfai (CEU)
14:40  -  15:40    Elõd Takáts (Princeton):
Incentives in practice: efficiency wage, firing and bonuses
Discussant: Gábor Kézdi (CEU)
16  -  17    Gergely Csorba (CEU):
Screening Contracts in the Presence of Positive Network Effects
Discussant: Kata Bognár (U Michigan)

30 June 2004, Wednesday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

10  -  11    Júlia Lendvai (U Namur):
Inflation Rigidity and Monetary Policy Shocks
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)
11  -  12    László Kóczy (U Maastricht) and Luc Lauwers:
The Minimal Dominant Set is a Non-Empty Core-Extension.
Discussant: Tamás Solymosi (BUES)

Chair: László Halpern (IE)

14  -  15    Péter Kondor (LSE):
The More we Know, the Less We Agree
Discussant: János Vincze (IE) and (BUES)
15:20  -  16:20    Attila Ambrus (Harvard) and R. Argenziano:
Network Markets and Consumer Coordination
Discussant: Gergely Csorba (CEU)




1 July 2003, Tuesday

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Fudenberg, D., M. Mobius and Ádám Szeidl (Harvard):
Existence of Equilibrium in Large Double Auctions
Discussant: Gyula Magyarkúti (BUES)
11  -  12    Balázs Szentes (Chicago) and Péter Eső (NWU):
Optimal Information Disclosure in Auctions: The Handicap Auction
Discussant: József Molnár (Notre Dame)
13:40  -  14:40    Gábor Kézdi (BUES and IE) and R. J. Willis:
Who Becomes a Stockholder? Expectations, Subjective Uncertainty, and Asset Allocation
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)
14:40  -  15:40    Lorand Ambrus Lakatos (CEU):
A Problem Concerning Changing Preferences
Discussant: Balázs Szentes (Chicago)
16  -  17    Beatrix Paál (Stanford) and T. Wiseman:
Group Lending with Endogenous Social Collateral
Discussant: Miklós Koren (Harvard and IE)

2 July 2003, Wednesday

10  -  11    Árpád Ábrahám (Duke) and N. Pavoni:
Efficient Allocations with Dynamic Moral Hazard and Unobservable Savings
Discussant: Beatrix Paál (Stanford)
11  -  12    Che, Y-K. and József Sákovics (U of Edinburgh):
A Dynamic Theory of Holdup
Discussant: János Vincze (BUES and IE)
Yeon-Koo Che and Jozsef Sakovics: A Dynamic Theory of Holdup, Econometrica, Vol. 72(4), pp. 1063-1103 (July 2004)
13:40  -  14:40    Miklós Koren (Harvard and IE):
Financial Globalization and the Pattern of International Trade: An Incomplete Markets Approach;
Discussant: Péter Benczur (NBH)
14:40  -  15:40    Szilvia Pápai (Notre Dame):
Random Paths to Stability in Hedonic Coalition Formation
Discussant: Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU)
16  -  17    Imre Fertő (IE) and L. J. Hubbard:
The Dynamics of Agri-Food Trade Patterns - The Accession Countries' Case
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)




24 June 2002, Monday

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Ákos Valentinyi (Southampton U and IE) and B. Herrendorf:
On the Stability of the Two-sector Real Business Cycle Model with Externalities
Discussant: András Simonovits (IE)
11  -  12    Balázs Szentes (Boston U):
Symmetric Equilibria in Majority Auctions Games;
first part: Three-Object Two-Bidder Simultaneous Auctions: Chopsticks and Tetrahedra ; and
second part: Beyond Chopsticks: Symmetric Equilibria in Majority Auction Games
Discussant: Gábor Futó (CEU)
13:40  -  14:40    Gábor Kézdi (U Michigan):
The Geographic Mobility of Labor and the Rigidity of European Labor Markets
Discussant: János Köllő (IE)
14:40  -  15:40    Ibolya Schindele (Amsterdam U):
Support and Inference: Venture Financing with Multiple Tasks
Discussant: János Vincze (BUES and IE)
16  -  17    József Molnár (NWU):
Preemptive Horizontal Mergers: Theory and Evidence
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)

25 June 2002, Tuesday

10  -  11    Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU):
Preferences for Fairness in Decision Theory
11:15  -  12:15    Botond Kőszegi (Berkeley) and Wei Li:
Ambition and Talent
Discussant: Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU)




9 July 2001, Monday

9:30  -  9:40    Opening
9:40  -  10:40    Imre Fertő (IE) and L J Hubbard:
Intra-Industry Trade in Agri-Food Products between Hungary and the EU
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)
11  -  12    Réka Horváth (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona):
Cooperative Research and Firm Performance
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)
13:40  -  14:40    Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU) and Tamás Meszerics:
An Experimental Analysis of the Ultimatum Game: The Role of Competing Motivations
Discussant: András Simonovits (IE)
14:40  -  15:40    Éva Nagypál (Stanford --> NWU):
Fixed-Term Contracts in Europe: A Reassessment in Light of the Importance of Match-Specic Learning
Discussant: István R. Gábor (BUES)
16  -  17    Balázs Váradi (CEU):
Multiproduct Cost Function Estimation for American Higher Education
Discussant: János Köllő (IE)

10 July 2001, Tuesday

10  -  11    Gábor Virág (Princeton U) and József Molnár (NWU):
Optimal auctions with externalities and signaling
Discussant: Loránd Ambrus-Lakatos (CEU)
11:15  -  12:15    Attila Rátfai (CEU and IE):
Relative Price Skewness and Inflation
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)
14  -  15    Beatrix Paál (Stanford U) and B.D. Smith:
The sub-optimality of the Friedman rule and the optimum quantity of money
Discussant: János Vincze (NBH)
15  -  16    Péter Benczur (NBH):
Learning, noise traders, the volatility and the level of bond spreads
Discussant: András Simonovits (IE)

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