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Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


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Éva Bálint
head of library
+36 1 309 26 49
+36 30 816 43 11

Éva Moldován
(on leave)
+36 30 866 22 39

Anita Szabó
+36 30 512 2307


The library was founded in 1954

It is a scientific library serving first of all the researchers of the Institute but outside researchers, teachers and students may also visit it. Main areas covered are Hungarian and foreign books and journals on theoretical economics, mathematical economics, macroeconomic regulation, economic policy, labour economics, stabilization and privatisation; supplementary areas are economics of education, agriculture and foreign trade.

The Library of IE HAS has traditional exchange relations with UNO, OECD, FAO, ILO, World Bank-IMF, Eastern, Western-European and overseas research institutes,universities, libraries, chambers of commerce, banks etc. As a result the Library has a large number of publications (statistics, studies, working papers) otherwise unavailable in the country. The collection of the library amounts to 50.000 volumes, half of it books,the other half volumes of journals. At present 170 journals are subscribed by the Library.Even if the extremely rich collection has been reduced lately, the core of the collection includes all the leading journals processed by the Journal of Economic Literature. A special collection of publications by the European Union will be included in the computerized database in the near future.




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