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Many young Hungarian economists have completed their PhDs at prestigious universities abroad. Few have become, however, an active member of the Hungarian scientific community. Institute of Economics of HAS organises the Summer workshop for bringing together young Hungarian researchers from all over the world.
We organize Summer Workshops annually since 2001. We invite final year PhD students and post-docs to present their new results. Topics cover all areas of economic research. Work in progress is also accepted for the workshop, if sufficient progress has been accomplished. Papers are presented either in English or in Hungarian; each presentation is commented by a discussant.

List of PhD Students (1989-)

Summer Workshop 2012

Date: 21-22 August 2012
Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
H-1112 Budapest, Budaörsi út 45, room 807
Organizer: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)



21 August 2012, Tuesday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IEHAS)

9:55  -  10    Opening
10  -  11    Ádám Faragó (Stockholm School of Economics) and R. Tédongap: Option Pricing in the Cross-Section of Stock Returns
Discussant: András Fülöp (ESSEC)
11:15  -  12:15   Péter Szilágyi (University of Cambridge) and C. W. Wong: The Board of Directors in Hedge Fund Governance
Discussant: Ibolya Schindele (MNB)

Chair: János Vincze (Corvinus and IEHAS)

14  -  15    Réka Felleg (Maastrichti Egyetem), F. Moers and A. Renders: Investor Reaction to Higher Earnings Management Incentives of Overoptimistic CEOs
Discussant: Péter Szilágyi (Cambridge)
15:15  -  16:15   Judit Temesváry (Hamilton College) and A.L. Owen: Foreign Lending, Local Lending, and Economic Growth
Discussant: László Halpern (IEHAS)

22 August 2012, Wednesday

Chair: Balázs Muraközy (IEHAS)

9:30  -  10:30    Noémi Péter (University of Amsterdam), P. Lundborg, D. Webbink and N. Martin: The effect of sibling sex composition on education and family formation
Discussant: Zsombor Cseres-Gergely (IEHAS)
10:45  -  11:45    Gábor Virág (University of Toronto), S. Lauermann and W. Merzyn: Learning and price discovery in a search model
Discussant: Ádám Szeidl (CEU)
12  -  13    Bálint Horváth (Tilburg University) and W. Wagner: The Disturbing Interaction Between Countercyclical Capital Requirements and Systemic Risk
Discussant: Péter Kondor (CEU)

The Summer workshop was supported by Magyar Nemzeti Bank.

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