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Summer Workshop 2010

Date: 2-4 August 2010
Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
H-1112 Budapest, Budaörsi út 45, room 807
Organizer: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)



2 August 2010, Monday

Chair: Károly Fazekas (IE)

9:50- 10 Opening
10- 11 Árpád Ábrahám (European University Inst.), S. Koehne and N. Pavoni: Optimal Income Taxation with Asset Accumulation
Discussant: Ádám Szeidl (Berkeley)
11:15- 12:15 Vígh Melinda (Amsterdam), C. Elbers and J. W. Gunning: Investment under Risk with Discrete and Continuous Assets: Solution and Estimation
Discussant: Sarolta Laczó (European University Inst.)

Chair: Aladár Madarász (IE)

14- 15 Gyuri Venter (LSE): Coordination and real investments under short-sale constraints
Discussant: Péter Kondor (CEU)
15:15- 16:15 Vida Péter (Bécs) - H. Azacis: Collusive Communication Schemes in a First-Price Auction
Discussant: Gergely Csorba (IE and Competition Authority)
16:30- 17:30 Gergely Újhelyi (Houston) and E. Calvo: Political Screening: Theory and Evidence from the Argentine Public Sector
Discussant: Balázs Váradi (ELTE and BSZEI)

3 August 2010, Tuesday

Chair: András Simonovits (IE)

10- 11 Balázs Kovács (Lugano): Similarity-based Decision Models
Discussant: Péter Vida (Vienna)
11:15- 12:15 Gábor Pintér (Cambridge): Labour Market Frictions and Heterogeneous Expectations
Discussant: István Kónya (MNB)

Chair: Miklós Koren (CEU and IE)

14- 15 Gergely Horváth (Alicante): Occupational mismatch and social networks
Discussant: Tamás Bartus (Corvinus)
15:15- 16:15 Anna Lovász (MTA KTI) and M. Rigó: The Evolution of Productivity-Wage Gaps Following the Transition in Hungary - Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data
Discussant: János Köllő (IE)

4 August 2010, Wednesday

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

9:30 - 10:30   Noémi Kreif (London): Statistical methods under exogeneity in economic evaluation of health care programs: a Monte Carlo simulation experiment
Discussant: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)
10:45 - 11:45   Szabolcs Blazsek (Navarra) and A. Escribano: Innovations and Market Value of Firms: Differential Effects of Leaders and Followers
Discussant: Miklós Koren (CEU and IE)
12 - 13   Roland Straub (ECB) and M. Fratzscher: Asset Prices, News Shocks and the Current Account
Discussant: Zoltán Jakab (Budget Office)


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