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Summer Workshop 2007

Date: 22-23 August 2007
Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
H-1112 Budapest, Budaörsi út 45, room 807
Organizer: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)



22 August 2007, Wednesday

Chair: László Halpern (IE)

9:30- 9:40 Opening
9:40- 10:40 Péter Kondor (Chicago) and Veronica Guerrieri: Emerging Markets and Financial Intermediaries
Discussant: Kristóf Madarász (Berkeley)
11- 12 Péter Csóka (Maastricht), P. Jean-Jacques Herings and László Kóczy: Stable Allocations of Risk
Discussant: Balázs Szentes (Chicago)

Chair: András Simonovits (IE)

13:45- 14:45 Krisztina Molnár (Bergen) and Zoltán Reppa: Learning in Survey Expectations of Inflation
Discussant: Beatrix Paál (Texas)
15- 16 Szilvia Pápai (Concordia): Individual Stability in Hedonic Coalition Formation
Discussant: László Kóczy (Maastricht)
16:15- 17:15 Kristóf Madarász (Berkeley): Information Projection: Model and Applications
Discussant: János Vincze (Corvinus and IE)

23 August 2007, Thursday

Chair: Aladár Madarász (IE)

10- 11 Péter Karádi (New York) and Ádám Reiff: Asymmetries in Price Developments: Some Micro Data Evidence
Discussant: László Halpern (IE)
11:15- 12:15 Judit Temesváry (Cornell): Signal Extraction and Hyperinflations with a Responsive Monetary Policy
Discussant: Krisztina Molnár (Bergen)

Chair: Gábor Kőrösi (IE)

14- 15 László Kóczy (Maastricht): A non-manipulable quality ranking of economics journals
Discussant: Ákos Valentinyi (Southampthon and IE)
15:15- 16:15 Péter Vida (Viena Uni): From Communication Equilibria to Correlated Equilibria
Discussant: Gergely Csorba (IE and Competition Authority)

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