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Game Theory

Unit Director: László Á. KÓCZY 


Péter Csóka János Kiss Hubert László Á. Kóczy  Balázs Sziklai
Contributing researchers: Judith Andaházy  Edina Berlinger  Dávid Csercsik  Anna Ráhel Radványi  Tamás Solymosi  Péter Wojuteczky

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Research focus

The research group supported by the Momentum Programme of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences aims at understanding, modelling and solving certain problems within the realm of game theory. The focus of research is at cooperative games, where the players' interactions generate externalities, that is, third parties, not directly participating in the activities may get affected. In partition function form games the third party is a third player or another coalition, while in dynamic cooperative games it may well be the future self of one of the acting agents. Besides the theoretical results the aim is also to apply them in economic models, of these the applications of power indices and matching models are especially prominent in the research profile.

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