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Agricultural Economics

Unit Director: Imre FERTŐ


Lajos Zoltán BAKUCS  Lajos BARÁTH Zsófia BENEDEK Imre FERTŐ Adrienn MOLNÁR Gusztáv NEMES G. Gábor SZABÓ 

Contributing researchers:

Štefan Bojnec Jan Fałkowski Heinrich Hockmann

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Research focus

The general research goal of the research unit is the analysis of economic problems related to food, agriculture, and issues of rural areas, with an emphasis on policy issues. More specifically, the main research focus is on the development of the agricultural and rural sectors in both Hungarian and other Central and East European countries, with special emphasis on changes caused by transition and the EU enlargement. The field can be divided into five subfields: (a) studies in international agricultural trade, employing the new theoretical and empirical developments. The focus is mainly on the agricultural trade of the European Union. (b) Vertical co-ordination in agri-food sectors, dealing with the horizontal and vertical cooperation within various agricultural chains in Hungary. (c) The analysis of agricultural prices and markets, addressing the question of how the European integration process in Hungary has affected agricultural price transmission. (d) The influence of macroeconomic variables on the agriculture in transition countries, investigating the impacts of monetary policy variables on agricultural prices and food prices in transition countries employing modern time series approaches, and (e) rural development, analysing the EU "LEADER" Programme and the concept of integrated rural development.

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