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László Lőrincz

research fellow

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Economics of Networks research unit 

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LÁSZLÓ LŐRINCZ graduated at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences at 2002. He earned his PhD degree at the same institution (Corvinus University of Budapest, Doctoral School of Sociology) in 2009. He worked as a consultant at Infrapont Ltd. between 2002 and 2009 carrying out analysis and research primarily about economic regulation of telecommunications. Additionally, he took part in research projects about information and communication technologies at Institute of Sociology, Corvinus University of Budapest. From 2010 his primary research interest is social network analysis, as an external member of HAS-CSS RECENS. Between 2012 and 2013 he worked as head of unit and senior colleague at ECOSTAT Government Centre for Impact Assessment. He joined the “Economics of Networks” Research Unit of the Institute of Economics at 2013, where he participates in research about labor mobility networks between companies and about firm product diversification.


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