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Maria Csanádi is a research advisor at the Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences -- her Phd is in political science. Her main research interest is the comparative political economy of communist systems both on empirical and on theoretical grounds. She has constructed a bottom-up comparative model called Interactive Party-state (IPS) model on the self-similar characteristics of the structure and dynamics of self-reproduction, traps and transformation of party-state (communist) systems based on the network formed by the interrelationship of party- state- and economic decision-makers. This IPS model serves also as a device for her empirical analysis of these systems both in Hungary and China. Her book "Party-states and their Legacies in Post-communist Transformation" was published in Hungarian (1995), English (1997) and Chinese (2002). Her other book titled "Self-consuming Evolutions" describes the model in its whole complexity and demonstrates its functioning as an empirical analytical tool through three case-studies (Romania, Hungary and China). The book was published in English (2006) and in Chinese (2008). She disseminated her studies in several American, English, Chinese and Japanese universities and research instititutions. Her papers were published in journals like Social Research, Behavioral Science, Communist Economies and Economics of Transformation, East European Politics and Society. Paper published in this latter in 1993 (co-authored by V.J. Bunce) stands as the first among the most cited papers of the journal since 18 years.

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