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(Competitive pressure and its social consequences in EU member states and in associated countries)

Coordinator: László Halpern


1. Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (IEHAS) (Coordinator)

2. Centre for Economic and Strategic Research (CESR)

3. Fédération pour la recherche économique et financière (FREF)

4. Institute for Economic Research, Slovenia (IERS)

5. Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy, University of Nottingham (UNOTT)

6. Romanian Centre for Economic Modelling (RCEM)



The project is organized into five workpackages:

WP1 Competitive pressure in the corporate sector, its institutional aspects and policy framework

WP2 The competition effect of cross-border capital movement and domestic spillovers of FDI

WP3 Competition-driven labour market developments, their institutional and policy implications

WP4 The effect of competitive pressure on income distribution and social policy; public perception, attitudes and norms

WP5 Integrated framework to analyze the impact of competitive pressure and enlargement on the interaction between corporate sector, labour market and households



News: Final conference in Budapest, 28-29 April 2006

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